terça-feira, 14 de outubro de 2008

50 Rules for You

The Rules of Life
by Richard Templar

Rules for You

1 Keep it under your hat
2 You’ll get older but not necessarily wiser
3 Accept what is done is done
4 Accept yourself
5 Know what counts and what doesn’t
6 Dedicate your life to something
7 Be flexible in your thinking
8 Take an interest in the outside world
9 Be on the side of the angels, not the beasts
10 Only dead fish swim with the stream
11 Be the last to raise your voice
12 Be your own adviser
13 No fear, no surprise, no hesitation, no doubt
14 I wish I’d done that – and I will
15 Count to ten – or recite ‘Baa baa black sheep’
16 Change what you can change, let go of the rest
17 Aim to be the very best at everything you do – not second best
18 Don’t be afraid to dream
19 Don’t dwell on the past
20 Don’t live in the future
21 Get on with life – it’s whooshing past
22 Dress like today is important
23 Have a belief system
24 Have a little space for yourself each day
25 Have a plan
26 Have a sense of humour
27 Choose how you make your bed
28 Life can be a bit like advertising
29 Get used to stepping outside your comfort zone
30 Learn to ask questions
31 Have dignity
32 It’s OK to feel big emotions
33 Keep the faith
34 You’ll never understand everything
35 Know where true happiness comes from
36 Know when to let go – when to walk away
37 Look after yourself
38 Maintain good manners in all things
39 Prune your stuff frequently
40 Remember to touch base
41 Draw the lines around yourself
42 Shop for quality, not price
43 It’s OK to worry, or to know how not to
44 Stay young
45 Throwing money at a problem doesn’t always work
46 Think for yourself
47 You are not in charge
48 Have something in your life that takes you out of yourself
49 Only the good feel guilty
50 If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all

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